Is this our future environment: tyres? Our irresponsible attitude has not even spared an internationally recognized RAMSAR site.

Vulnerable in nature, mangroves-breeding zones have been facing innumerable externalities. As seen above, the RAMSAR site bears witness to the ruthless human behavior prevailing in today’s fast-industrializing world. The dearth of awareness campaigns has proved to be one major downfall towards preserving the ecosystem. No man should ever bear the burden of our adverse actions. To respond to this dilemma, our team has managed to filter out the tyre from the ‘protected’ site. Are we the only ones to feel the threat? Or is it that everybody else is ignorant? “We don’t have plan B because there is no planet B” as expressed by Ban Kimoon. It is in our obligation to safeguard those endangered zones for a better Mauritius!

Caption and description by Reeya Butchanah and Archana Beedassy

Photo by Hemisha Khadawo


This extract from YRE Club of France Boyer de la Giroday SSS was awarded first place for the photography category at the National Award ceremony 2019.

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is nationally operated by Reef Conservation.


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