The Pedagogical Content Coordinator creates high-quality pedagogical content that is research-based, inclusive, and engaging, for projects and programs while supporting and developing innovative and effective approaches to learning and sensitization.

The Pedagogical Content Coordinator has a clear purpose about joining in our commitment to contribute to high-quality learning experiences and behavior change.

Key Responsibilities:

Conceptualisation and implementation of Sensitisation Materials to support Education and Research project Training Programmes / Courses

  • Propose and develop appropriate tools and training in accordance with new avenues of development at Reef Conservation
  • Independently and in collaboration with the EDUCATION and/or RESEARCH teams, write, revise, and/or edit a wide variety of research-based pedagogical and training content, including but not limited to: biodiversity guides, hands-on games, boards, posters and flyers, field manuals, booklet, video scripts,
  • Assess the strengths and limitations of various content formats, styles, or approaches and identify the best fit to the sensitization goals, topic, timeline, and available resources for a given project.
  • Conduct research using databases, published media, and field reports; synthesize and interpret findings; and incorporate takeaways into materials appropriate for a given context and its audience targets.
  • Identify opportunities for adaptation or reuse of already developed materials in new offerings or contexts.
  • Estimate the time and scope of a given project to inform project management.
  • Develop detailed production plans and budgets once briefed by Project Lead
  • Liaise with team members to identify and plan upgrades to existing project tools and training
  • Source, secure, brief and coordinate contract service providers
  • Ensure that the materials production process is efficiently managed, and projects are of high standard and completed on schedule

Support Communication deliverables on projects

  • Support projects, when necessary, with production and logistics for workshops and meetings
  • Assist Project Coordinators to develop events for community outreach

Required skills:

  • Creative and able to conceptualise, develop and implement training/courses, pedagogical, hands on and communication tools for different age groups and sectors
  • Possess exemplary writing and academic research skills, and have a learner-centred mindset and approach to content creation,
  • Excellency in written and spoken English and French; Mastery of written Creole is an asset
  • Keen interest in the sustainable development goals, environment, coastal and marine ecosystems, and issues
  • Experience of in project management and delivery
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent: Biology, Environment, Sustainable Development, etc will be an asset
  • Graphic design and Visual Arts experience will be an asset
  • Microsoft office skills
  • At least 3 years’ experience in a similar post
  • Driver’s licence
  • Living in the Northern region will be an advantage

Additional skills :

  • Be self-directed, highly organized, and able to balance multiple simultaneous projects on varied timeframes and with different sets of stakeholders,
  • Attention to detail,
  • Intellectual curiosity,
  • Problem-solving attitude,
  • Able to work independently and within a team in a non-profit context (not a traditional, corporate work culture)

Any candidate wishing to be considered must supply a cover letter in addition to their resume.

Finalists may be asked to provide a writing sample in French and English and complete an editing exercise.

CV and Cover letter to be sent to [email protected]

Deadline for application : Friday 9 December 2022.

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