While each project is an independent entity, they are inter-related, underpinning each other through research and education to provide a holistic approach to marine conservation.

Community Outreach and Conservation

Marine Conservation can only be successful if the primary resource users and stakeholders have the necessary tools to manage the coastal and marine environment. Reef Conservation has been focusing its work on reaching out to fisher groups, tourism stakeholders and coastal communities at large through 3 projects:
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Research and Monitoring

Sound conservation management must be underpinned by scientific research. Reef Conservation is working to establish baseline surveys in the adjacent lagoons of Anse-La-Raie, Roches Noires and Trou D’Eau Douce, to further understand the ecology of each site, the causes of coral degradation, and actions that may help increase biodiversity and productivity of these sites.
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Education and Awareness

Learning to respect and protect from an early age is key to long-term successful marine conservation. Reef Conservation’s research and community activities are all linked into the education project to provide teaching tools and information about the marine environment in a local context, with the ultimate goal to have marine science and conservation incorporated into the existing National Curriculum for primary school children, complemented by hands-on learning experience through the Nauticaz Marine Discovery Center and the Pereybere Beach Resource Center.
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Training and Capacity Building

Practical hands-on training about marine ecology for coastal resource users has been a core component of Reef’s objective and action since its inception. This objective has been further materialized since 2011 with the development and implementation of a MQA-certified marine eco-guide course, which is delivered to out-of-school youth and is also tailored to tourism professionals. Reef has also participated in the delivery of the skipper license programme, providing basic knowledge on do’s and don’ts at sea.
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