Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas can be used as important tool to conserve ocean resources. Reef Conservation has been working since 2009 to strengthen the management of Balaclava Marine Park by working closely with key stakeholder groups and with the Ministry of Fisheries – the institution responsible for marine parks in Mauritius, and most recently has engaged in a partnership with two other NGOs – Eco-Sud and the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS), to strengthen communication and awareness around the two marine parks. i.e. Blue Bay & Balaclava Marine parks.

Capacity building and community mobilizing

Reef Conservation has worked with boat operators, fishermen, hoteliers and community groups to support them in their participation in the management process of Balaclava Marine Park.

Socioeconomic research

A partnership with the University of Mauritius and subsequently with De Chazal Du Mée has allowed Reef Conservation and project partners and stakeholders to identify the perceived problems with communications regarding the marine park, to identify alternative income generating opportunities.

Sensitization and training

Capacity-building activities have included sensitization and training on some of the most important aspects of marine ecology and conservation and enhance understanding of the role of marine protected areas and associated regulations.

Supporting Communication and Awareness around MPAs

People only respect what they know and protect what they respect. The organization has partnered with Eco-Sud and the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society to respond to a call for proposals from the Ministry of Fisheries and Rodrigues and UNDP to prepare a communication campaign for the Balaclava and Blue Bay Marine Parks. Outputs for the project have included tools and materials such as brochure, an education toolkit and an information pack for the tourism industry.


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