Education and Awareness

Learning to respect and protect from an early age is key to long-term successful marine conservation. Reef Conservation’s education and awareness programme is linked to our research and community activities to provide teaching tools and information about the marine environment in a local context.

The organization uses a multi-level approach through hands-on, field-based teaching methods for primary school students, secondary school students and the general public, and aims to be as wide reaching as possible, targeting students from public schools, non-formal education institutions and private education institutions. The Pereybere Beach Resource Center and the Nauticaz Marine Resource Center at Anse-La-Raie serve as a base for all field-based education programmes.

These teaching approaches are coupled with policy work to integrate marine science and conservation into the existing National Curriculum for primary school children.

Learn more about the Primary School Programme.

Learn more about the Beach Resource Center @ Péreybère.

Learn more about the Nauticaz Marine Resource Center.

Learn more about Club Mer.

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