Nauticaz Marine Discovery Center

Reef Conservation has entered into a partnership with Attitude Resorts and Marina Hotel in Anse-La-Raie to set up the Nauticaz Marine Discovery Center.

Education and awareness for tourists and Mauritians

The aim of this new and innovative Marine Resource Centre and Laboratory is to enrich the experience and knowledge of local and foreign visitors about the marine environment through a participatory approach to education, research, training and ultimately conservation of the marine environment. Through this centre individuals of all ages are not only be able to view marine life but can learn interesting facts about the creatures, their habitats and ecosystems through an interactive marine conservation programme, and be able to participate and interact with the local community in some of the Centre’s research and conservation projects.

A marine lab

An important feature of this Centre is an equipped marine laboratory. The laboratory will be the base for marine research and conservation.  Through this laboratory Reef Conservation aims to establish a monitoring programme for coral reefs and associated ecosystems in the Northern Lagoons. Long term monitoring is an essential component of coral reef and marine ecosystem conservation.
The marine laboratory will be a new, interactive and essential component of the education programs already established by Reef Conservation for school children and youth groups. The laboratory forms part of the practical course work in the new Certified Marine Eco-Guide Course developed by Reef Conservation.


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