An Introduction to Coastal and Marine Habitats of Mauritius

An Introduction to Coastal and Marine Habitats of Mauritius course was MQA registered in 2013.

This course aims to provide training and qualifications for those employed within the formal marine tourism sector such as dive centres, boat houses, boat operators and hotels. It is a foundation course of two days costing Rs 3,000 per participant. The different themes covered by the course are listed below.

  • An introduction on the Coastal and Marine Environment of Mauritius
  • Coastal wetlands of Mauritius
  • Mangroves of Mauritius
  • Rocky Shores of Mauritius
  • Sea grasses of Mauritius
  • Coral Reefs of Mauritius
  • Human Impacts on the Environment
  • Do’s and Don’ts. Code of good practice. Marine dangers.
  • Field trips and Guiding in field

One of the major benefits of this course for the tourism industry in Mauritius is an added value to the tourist experience, providing an additional edge over the global competition. Training on the coastal and marine environment is also key to mainstreaming marine conservation in the tourism & service industry. A healthy and well managed environment is fundamental to a sustainable tourism industry.

If you are interested in providing this course to your personnel or you need more details, please contact us.

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