Marine Eco-Guide Training

What is the Marine Eco-Guide course?

Marine eco-guide training is key to mainstreaming marine conservation through the tourism and service industry. A healthy and well-managed environment is fundamental to a sustainable tourism industry. The Marine Eco-Guide Training Courses comprise a wide range of training opportunities for individuals wishing to work in the marine tourism and service industry. Students become skilled in guiding principles and learn about the different marine ecosystems and conservation efforts and positive actions that are needed to sustain them.

The Marine Eco-Guide course has been delivered since 2011.

Who can participate in the course?

The marine eco-guide training targets groups that include:

  • School leavers 17 from years old
  • Unemployed coastal inhabitants
  • Fishermen wishing to refocus or complement their activity and to enter the tourism sector or fishermen who operate in the vicinity of the VMCAs
  • Anyone else wishing to learn about marine ecosystems to find employment within the tourism and service sector
  • Reef Conservation looks for sponsorship for this course on behalf of disadvantaged youth and fishers wanting to enter the tourism industry as a career path. Reef helps in as much as possible to create links with the tourism sector though AHRIM and other partners for internships and possible employment in the long term for the sponsored youth and fishers.

Course recognition

The Course is Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) approved and is in the process of being accredited by the Tourism Authority. As a standardized course, it helps the knowledge and confidence for individuals and operators to perform to their best potential and operate safely within the marine environment.

A training center for classroom sessions

A training center has been set up above the Reef Conservation head office and serves as a base for all theoretical aspects of the course. The classroom provides a learning environment that will promote personal development of each student. The two resource centres, the Pereybere Beach Resource Centre and the Nauticaz Marine Discovery Centre and Laboratory form part of the practical field trips and fieldwork that are part of the Marine Eco-Guide course.

Course components

The marine eco-guide course is divided in 3 levels, designed to allow participants to have a broad overview and minimum required skills in level 1 to specialize in different ecosystems in levels 2 and 3.

Download the Marine Eco-Guide Level 1 Curriculum Sponsor a student!

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