Reef Conservation was registered as an association in 2004, under the name of ‘Marine Conservation Management Consortium’. It was created for the purpose of carrying out a project funded by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme to deploy Fixed Mooring Buoys.

The Shoals of Capricorn Programme and the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society had implemented the FMB pilot project in 1999, with funding from the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme. A total of 4 buoys were deployed at popular dive sites in the North: 2 at Grand-Bay Aquarium and two at Pereybere Aquarium.
On completion of this project, the Minister of Environment at the time requested the project to be expanded on a nationwide basis. The Marine Conservation Management Consortium was thsu created in 2003 to undertake this project and received the necessary funding from the UNDP GEF SGP.
The Consortium was also created with the goal of regrouping the various existing organizations working towards the conservation of the marine environment of Mauritius, represented as members of the managing committee. However, through the FMB project, members of the various organizations realized that the work being carried out and the zone of influence of the new organization would be complementary to other organizations’ work.

It was therefore commonly decided, and subsequently voted at an extraordinary assembly that the name “Marine Conservation Management Consortium” would be changed to “Reef Conservation”, and that the organization would act as an independent entity. Individual partnerships would be established on various projects with the other existing organizations.

Since then, Reef Conservation has expanded its work from FMBs to marine environmental education, working with coastal communities and fishermen to establish voluntary conservation areas, establishing an eco-guide training programme for out-of-school unemployed youth and working in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries to reinforce the capacity of Marine Protected Areas around Mauritius.

Past and Present Sponsors & Partners

Principal Sponsors

  • Adamas
  • Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs de l’Ile Maurice (AHRIM)
  • Barclays Bank
  • Beach Authority
  • Connections
  • Croisières Australes
  • Friends of Mauritian Wildlife
  • Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme – UNDP
  • GML Foundation
  • Hammerit Ltd
  • Harel Mallac Outsourcing
  • Mauritius Research Council
  • Ministry of Tourism, Leisure and External Communication
  • Private Boat Operators, Cruise Operators and Diving Centres
  • Regional Programme for the Sustainable Management of the Coastal Zones of the Countries of the Indian Ocean (ReCoMap) of the Indian Ocean Commission funded by the European Union
  • Rogers Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Port Louis Citadelle
  • Ruth Smart Foundation
  • Taylor Smith
  • Tourism Authority
  • Veranda Leisure and Hospitality
  • Veranda Hotel Grand Baie
  • White Sand Tours
  • Yemaya Adventures



  • The Ministry of Education and Human Resources
  • The Ministry of Education and Human Resources through the National Centre for Curriculum Research and Development (NCCRD)
  • The Ministry of Fisheries
  • Albion Fisheries Research Center; the Ministry of Tourism, Leisure and External Communications.


  • Shoals Rodrigues
  • The Mauritius Marine Conservation Society
  • Eco-Sud
  • The Mauritian Scuba Diving Association
  • The Mauritius Underwater Group
  • Indian Ocean Seafarers Welfare Association (IOSA)

Private Sector Partners:

  • Outrigger Hotels and Resorts & Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort
  • The ‘Association des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs de l’Ile Maurice’ (AHRIM)
  • The Association of Inbound Operators of Mauritius (AIOM)




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